About The Author

David Alan DeBoer loves ANY body of water and is a close personal friend of Scuba SantaTM! As a Dive Safety Officer for a major US Aquarium, David worked and dove very “closely” with Scuba Santa over the years on many Christmas Eve deliveries! One might say David knows a thing or two about his subject matter. David is a commercial diver, a recreational dive instructor, a volunteer rescue / recovery diver and professional diving CPR & first aid instructor with a love of the water and life. The son of a 20-year Air Force Veteran, David’s spent the better part of young life growing up on bases and playing in the waters of The Black Sea, The Mediterranean and The Gulf of Mexico before the family settled down on the Jersey Shore. His love for the water and diving started early and never wavered. David is a life-long artist, a devoted family man and a father to 3 beautiful girls. David knows the value of keeping the world’s oceans clean. Among other things he actively participates in beach cleanups and tree plantings. He recently certified in and had the awe-inspiring pleasure of planting and restoring native corals back into the underwater wild as part of an ongoing initiative in the Florida Keys through the Coral Restoration Foundation. Footnote? You will see a common thread of conservation in most of his children’s books, we invite you to follow David’s creative journeys. We think your kids and students will enjoy his whimsical characters and we hope they will inspire them to learn more about the animals and environment that need our help.